This page explores in a nutshell what is it all about.
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This page explores in a nutshell what is it all about. The core of Worry Head focuses on chronic illness, chronic pain, and their impact on the mental health of both – caregiver and sufferer.

You’re in the right place, if:

  • You need information about your partner’s chronic illness, endometriosis, and fibromyalgia.
  • Want to know how to minimize their impact on your partner’s mental health.
  • Want to help them manage chronic pain without drugs.
  • Have a healthy sex life without discomfort, pain, and feelings of rejection.
  • Struggle financially when your spouse can’t work and you need to take control of the finances.
  • Learn how to cope when your partner’s illness affects the things you love doing.
  • How to support your partner whilst taking care of yourself first without feeling guilty.

After years of trial and error, professional help, and some brutal honesty, my wife and I have realized what keeps our marriage healthy.

Our mutual support during her struggles with endometriosis & fibromyalgia, and their mental health impact is a daily challenge for both of us. 

But I’ve learned over time that it is best to focus on changing myself rather than trying to “fix” my wife’s health.

I’m NOT talking about changing yourself as a person but about adjusting to your new situation.

I struggled to find guidance to help my wife in times she needed me most.

I don’t want you to struggle as I did. I want to help you skip years of trauma and misery we’ve been through. You both deserve better!

About us!

We’re just a couple of normal people with a BIG Dream to help other couples and people like you find a happier path in life despite chronic illness. Get to know our story and the reasons behind creating Worry Head… [read more]

Chronic illness.

Is your relationship tested by chronic illness?

My marriage certainly is…

Most people think that the meaning of “in sickness and in health” means getting cancer at the age of 80. The reality is that life doesn’t always go the way we plan… [read more]

Chronic pain.

Chronic pain is longer in duration than acute pain (a cut or broken leg). It can be constant or irregular, but it always comes back. Chronic pain is considered when continuing over many months or years.

Pain occurs often due to a health condition, such as arthritis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, or even a spine conditions… [read more]

About mental impact

Mental impact!

Living with a chronic illness can be really debilitating. It may have both – physical and mental impacts taking affecting your ability to cope with psychological and emotional stress.

People with other chronic medical conditions have a higher risk of depression and people with depression are at higher risk for other medical conditions… [read more]