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Anxiety blog will provide you with a variety of anxiety disorders, from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Panic Disorder, PTSD, to Social Phobia.

Emotional problems such as stress, fear, anxiety, or even anger are so common that they affect around one in four people around the world.

Stress is a natural mental reaction to life experiences, but it is usually followed by a physical response.

Everyone can and does experience stress from time to time. It’s perfectly normal.

Anything can cause stress, from our responsibilities at work, financial instability, or any other serious life events such as a new diagnosis (my wife’s endometriosis).

Short-term stress can be beneficial for you – it can help you cope with potentially serious situations, but long-term stress isn’t healthy.

Today, stress is responsible for up to 90% of doctor visits. Anxiety disorders reach an epidemic scale around the world.

OCD treatment.

Living with an OCD mind is difficult. I have suffered from some form of anxiety disorder for as far as I can remember going all the way going back to childhood, but later on, in my teenage years, things got more complicated.

I started to develop Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behaviours, alongside... [read more]

Panic Disorder

Before you can begin to combat the awful symptoms of panic attacks you need to think about why you are having them.

Dig down deep and think…

There are lots of reasons why people experience extreme anxiety and panic attacks, I wish I had of asked myself those questions and not tried to hide the stress… [read more]

Can anxiety cause chest pain?

The answer is short and simple – yes. But there is more to it than one little sentence.

In order to understand the very question, we need to go back to prehistoric times and early humans.

Stress in real terms is physical arousal (yes, you heard that correctly) which can be traced back to... [read more]

Stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion.

A combination of genetics, brain chemistry, traumatic events, environmental factors and the daily challenges we face whilst trying to keep up with our hectic modern lifestyles is causing us anxiety, exhaustion, and ultimately chronic physical illness.

It seems like an epidemic of anxiety has reached every corner of the globe… [read more]

Money anxiety!

Look around you – people live in a rush. We constantly want to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Especially in the morning on our way to work. But what does it do to us? Living in a rush is stressful.

Constant anxiety in a prolonged period of time can lead to depression as human nature is to have[read more]

Logic vs Emotions.

The way we think impacts our lives in a good or bad way.

Logic gives us calculated decisions but emotions give us risky and unexpected responses. Stress impacts the way we think.

On top of that, it affects other areas in our body, our performance at work, and even... [read more]

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