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Chronic illness!

Chronic illness is a long-term health condition that quite often doesn’t have a cure. The most commonly known to the majority of people are diseases such as:

  • • Diabetes
  • • Heart disease
  • • Asthma
  • • Cancer

But we focus on chronic diseases that are the cause of chronic pain and most of all ARE NOT CURABLE!

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Diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, even cancer have one thing in common – there is a cure, therefore there’s hope.

When it comes to chronic illnesses such as endometriosis or fibromyalgia, there is no cure!

That leaves a lasting impact on mental health, therefore this blog focuses on both chronic illnesses which my wife suffers from:



"Invisible illness"

People with “invisible illness” experience a lot of pain, fatigue, and discomfort but their suffering isn’t often seen as real.

Millions of women who look perfectly healthy on the outside are grappling with chronic conditions that make “normal life” anything but. This is what it’s really like to have an invisible illness:

Invisible illnesses such as endometriosis, Lyme disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, CFS, or Crohn’s disease, tend to be affected more often by women than men.

There’s no medical definition to it, but invisible illnesses are diseases that affect women’s ability to live a normal life. The worst part is that you can’t see what that person is really going through.

People with these conditions often seem fine, and that creates a lot of additional challenges, like being harassed for using a handicapped parking space, for not turning up at work, or struggling to make friends who understand the effort that it takes to simply go out to dinner.

Let your story be heard!

Suffering from chronic illness as is a full-time job.

The reason for this is that you must constantly assess if you’re managing your health in the best way possible.

This ongoing decision making makes up a major part of your life and turns out to be a full-time job!

There are six aspects that you continually face. There aren’t easy to manage when you are chronically ill.

You have to make tough choices between them because it’s impossible to manage all of them:

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he reality of living with an invisible illness seems impossible to describe. But there is a way of doing so – put it in writing.

This is why I started this blog, to raise awareness about my wife and gazillions of other people struggling with being noticed or heard.

Sometimes it’s easier to say it with the written word

Regardless of chronic illness, either physical or mental, people don’t believe something they cannot see.

While they can never truly understand the day-to-day struggles of a person with an invisible illness, you can show them by writing your heart out!

It will help to open their eyes to what you are going through.

Worry Head is a safe place to express your thoughts, regardless of who you are.

Besides, writing is medicine for your mind. Whenever you feel exhausted mentally or emotionally, writing things down will help you structure your thoughts and bring peace to your mind.

Plus, many therapists recommend investing time in writing every day to improve your mental well-being.

Write your invisible illness story in your own words and send it to us in any format you want to

Or simply visit our “invisible story” page to find out more.

Write your story and get it published on our blog!

You have a great opportunity my friend! 

We offer you our space to for your story to be heard. We believe it is important, because not many people have a platform these days to openly say what is important to them.

Aside from helping us spread the awareness about invisible illness, your story will inspire others to write their own. We can all battle the stigma together! 

Regardless of chronic illness, physical or mental, people don’t believe you. But you can open their eyes and truly understand your day-to-day struggles. 

Show them by writing your heart out! It will help to open their eyes to what you are going through. Find out more here!

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Chronic pain gives women a lot of problems – it’s invisible and no one can see it.

The very fact that you cannot explain how you feel, or you’re simply fed up with endless repeating, that makes you feel stressed.

This was always the case for my wife, and that is the case for many women.

As her husband, I wanted to break this pattern, and so I decided to create this small chronic pain self-help kit.

You don’t have to struggle with endless explanations of how terrible you feel!

Why should you?

All in the self-explanatory Chronic Pain Bundle is easy to fill in.

You can show it to your doctor, family, friends. All the people that never believed you, can be now proven wrong.

The Mini Chronic Pain Bundle includes:

  • • Endometriosis Pain & Symptoms Tracker.
  • • Body Pain and Sensitivity Map.

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