Depression blog.

Depression blog:

Depression blog aims to get rid of the stigma of depression – one of the darkest forms of mental illness.

Mental health problems are often the reason for broken relationships, destruction of families, and sometimes even loss of your loved one.

It sounds frightening because it’s true. Depression is the darkest form of it.

Untreated can drive the sufferer to suicide. However, despite the challenges that the person has to deal with, these frightening and dark moments are possible to deal with.

The realization of the fact that you can overcome these feelings with the help and support of a friend, relative, or partner, gives you a reason for hope.

Depression blog is based on our own experiences, as the supporter (myself) and the sufferer (my wife) of depression, but also tackle the worst aspects of this dark illness, which are self-harm and suicide.

But we also do a lot of research and talk to people affected by depression.

All that affected my wife and at the same time shaped my life as her husband. Along with her bravery and mental strength, I helped her get out of multiple suicide attempts.

Depression in marriage!

Depression in marriage is a point of view of a man, who helped his wife in the darkest moments of her life.

Mental health problems are often the reason for broken relationships.

It sounds frightening because it’s true[read more]

Depression. When the helper feels helpless…

It was a while ago, when I wrote my book No amount of anxiety will push me away” and even though, thanks to my help she recovered from this terrible illness, at the time it affected me dearly.

If I showed her then in any way that it put pressure on me, my feelings would reflect in something far worse. My wife tried to commit suicide on four occasions, twice on the front of me but I could not allow this to happen[read more]

Motivation and emotion.

How to motivate yourself when you are depressed?

Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, and you find yourself excited.

Other times, it is nearly impossible to motivate yourself and you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of procrastination[read more]

Depression. A helping hand.

You are here because you might feel confused, frustrated or maybe you feel like I used to – like walking on eggshells because you’re afraid of upsetting your loved one even more.

You’re either here because you are supporting a loved one who is struggling with depression and you want to find a way to help, or... [read more]


My wife felt like a burden!

Depression was dragging her down. Eventually, the worst came along…

The article you’re about to read contains (at times) some drastic descriptions in order to capture my feelings during what I can truly say was the darkest period of my life… [read more]

Are antidepressants safe?

Hmm… every person has a different opinion on the matter. We are born with an instinct, an intuition.

But the majority of us go against that feeling.

Our body tells us when something is wrong.

How we respond to it, definitely impacts our lives… [read more]

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