Being diagnosed with a chronic illness produces an emotional toll.

Emotional toll.

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness produces a myriad of intense and long-lasting feelings and an emotional toll…

Living with chronic pain can be very debilitating physically and mentally. The toll it can take on your partner’s body affects the ability to cope with psychological and emotional stress.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common complications of chronic illness. In this part of the blog, we discuss these complications.

Your emotional state is tied to your physical well-being, and as the one who suffers, taking care of your emotional health should go along with the management of your physical changes. 

Read on to learn about the dangers of persistent negative feelings, the emotional toll it has, and discover some steps you can take to help counter anxiety and depression.

O.C.D. treatment

Living with an OCD mind is difficult. I have suffered from some form of anxiety disorder for as far as I can remember going all the way going back to childhood.

I started to develop Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder behaviors[read more]

Panic attacks

Before you can begin to combat the awful symptoms of panic attacks you need to think about why you are having them.

There are lots of reasons why people experience extreme anxiety and panic attacks, I wish I had asked myself those questions and not tried to hide the stress… [read more]

Can anxiety cause chest pain?

In order to understand the very question, we need to go back to prehistoric times and early humans.

Stress in real terms is physical arousal (yes, you heard that correctly) which can be traced back to[read more]

Mental exhaustion

A combination of genetics, brain chemistry, traumatic events, environmental factors, and the daily challenges cause us anxiety, exhaustion, and ultimately chronic physical illness.

It seems like an epidemic of anxiety has reached every corner of the globe[read more]

Money anxiety

Look around you – people live in a rush. We constantly want to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Especially in the morning on our way to work. But what does it do to us? Living in a rush is stressful[read more]

Logic vs emotions

The way we think impacts our lives in a good or bad way.

Logic gives us calculated decisions but emotions give us risky and unexpected responses. On top of that, it affects other areas in our body, our performance at work, and even[read more]

Depression in marriage

Depression in marriage is a point of view of a man, who helped his wife in the darkest moments of her life.

Mental health problems are often the reason for broken relationships. It sounds frightening because it’s true [read more]


Depression. When the helper feels helpless…

It was a while ago when I wrote my book No amount of anxiety will push me away” and even though, thanks to my help she recovered from this terrible illness, at the time it affected me dearly[read more]

Motivation and emotion

How to motivate yourself when you are depressed? Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, and you find yourself excited.

Other times, it is nearly impossible to motivate yourself and you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of procrastination[read more]

A helping hand

You are here because you might feel confused, frustrated or maybe you feel like I used to – like walking on eggshells because you’re afraid of upsetting your loved one even more.

You’re either here because you are supporting a loved one who is struggling with depression and you want to find a way [read more]


My wife felt like a burden! Depression was dragging her down. Eventually, the worst came along.

The article contains at times upsetting description in order to capture my feelings during what I can truly say was the darkest period of my life [read more]

Are antidepressants safe?

Hmm… every person has a different opinion on the matter.

We are born with an instinct, and we must remember that our body always tells us when something is wrong. How we respond to it impacts our lives[read more]

Quotes about mental health

The power of quotes can be astonishing, especially quotes about mental health.

Mental health is important for everyone. So know that if you’re facing a mental health challenge because of your chronic illness, you are not alone... [read more]

Heartburn & acid reflux

What is heartburn caused by and how to get rid of acid reflux?

Before we answer these questions we need to answer this – what is heartburn and acid reflux? Is there a difference?

The short answer is yes – there is a difference.

Heartburn is “the burning feeling” that occurs after[read more]

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