Mental impact of pain!​ Living with a chronic illness is really debilitating.
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Mental impact of pain 2

How to deal with depression

All these factors can make it difficult to know how to help a depressed partner. But your support is important. You cannot cure your partner’s depression, however, you can help your partner along the road to recovery.

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Can anxiety cause chest pain

The answer is short and simple – yes. But there is more to it than one little sentence. In the past stress could get our ancestors out of danger and save their lives. Today, stress causes problems rather than escape.

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Are antidepressants safe

Why do people listen to a doctor telling them “take two of these and you are going to feel better”? He has only 10 minutes to assess you. Can he? I doubt that. He doesn’t even know you. Why do you trust him? Should you?

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A helping hand with depression

Dear supporting partner… You are here because you might feel confused, frustrated or maybe you feel like I used to – like walking on eggshells because you’re afraid of upsetting your loved one even more.

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