Mental impact of pain!​ Living with a chronic illness is really debilitating.
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Mental impact of pain!

Living with a chronic illness can be really debilitating. It may have both – physical and mental impact. It takes a toll on your body affecting your ability to cope with psychological and emotional stress.

People with other chronic medical conditions have a higher risk of depression and people with depression are at higher risk for other medical conditions.

Any health condition that causes widespread inflammation may raise the risk of depression because depression has been associated with inflammation in the brain.

Chronic illness can also provoke various anxiety disorders when you chronically worry about the future.

Not only can a chronic illness make it impossible for you to do the things that you used to you enjoy, but it can also rob you of a sense of hope for the future.

Blogs are usually focused on one niche. However, chronic illness, chronic pain, and mental wellness are always connected and should not be seen as separate!

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Being diagnosed with a chronic illness produces plenty of intense and long-lasting feelings. Illnesses such as endometriosis can impact mental well-being in various ways:

  • Anxiety over the unknown future.
  • Depression because of the loss of “old self”.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder which aims to feel more in control.

Everything leads to exhaustion, fear, and guilt because of demands made on family and friends. Feelings of frustration and sadness are also quite common when you realize the life you once knew is now different.

Our physical and mental health are inextricably linked!

Long-term conditions can’t be cured, only managed. They come with a risk of social isolation, low self-esteem, stigma, and even discrimination.

These days it is more important than ever to spread awareness and fight the stigma.

Express yourself

Living with mental illness may be in some cases difficult to describe. But my wife discovered another way, it can be truly healing – put your story in writing.

This is why I originally started Worry Head blog, to tell the story of my wife’s chronic illness, but also to raise awareness about mental health, which undoubtedly affects many people who suffer from chronic pain.

Sometimes it’s easier to say it with the written word.

Regardless of mental illness, you can fight the stigma. Help us combat these barriers and express yourself on our blog!

Some people may never truly understand the day-to-day struggles of a person with anxiety, depression, or OCD, but you can show them how it feels by writing your heart out!

It will help to open their eyes to what you are going through.

Worry Head is a safe place to express your thoughts, regardless of who you are.

Besides, writing is medicine for your mind.

Whenever you feel exhausted mentally or emotionally, writing things down will help you structure your thoughts and bring peace to your mind.

Safe place

Besides, many therapists recommend investing time in writing every day to improve your mental well-being.

Write your invisible illness story in your own words and send it to us in any format you want to

Or simply visit our “invisible story” page to find out more.

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