Caregiver and working full time?

Caregiver and working full time

Caregiver and working full time? How to make money caring for your spouse? Are you a caregiver and working full time? Are you a caregiver and working full time? I know how hard it can be to balance taking care of your loved one when you have a job. It can be incredibly hard. For … Read more

Writing therapy

Writing therapy page

Writing therapy. How blogging helped me… Writing therapy. Blogging is the best form of writing therapy! Writing therapy relieves tension and any accumulated emotions. Unlike during conversation or even better – argument, writing gives you time to express what you feel because you have time to think about what you are going to say. Have … Read more

Blogging about mental health.

Blogging about mental health

Blogging about mental health. Do I blog about mental health or does blogging about mental health helps me? It is autumn, a rainy day in London. It’s pretty miserable one might think, it is cloudy, dark, and grey. Many people would consider it depressing. But not me. The trees and their leaves are so beautiful … Read more