Endometriosis: all you need to know!

Endometriosis all you need to know

Endometriosis: all you need to know! From the first moment I met my wife her unwavering strength, resilience, and undying spirit have always been her most profound characteristics. However, when she was diagnosed with stage 4 deep infiltrating endometriosis, it felt as though our world had suddenly collapsed. “Endo-Tool” Endometriosis for Men SEND IT MY … Read more

Endometriosis and divorce rates.

Endometriosis and divorce rates

Endometriosis and divorce rates. I’ve been married to a beautiful Italian woman for over a decade, and even though my marriage blossoms today, it never used to be that way. After my lack of knowledge and impatience cause a bit of friction between us, it was the illness that caused my wife her physically, and … Read more

Endometriosis jargon for men.

Endometriosis jargon for men

Endometriosis jargon for men. Endo what..? Endometriosis jargon. I still remember the day when my wife used the word “endometriosis”. It was before she was diagnosed. I didn’t know how to spell it, let alone understand it. Fast forward a decade, today I decided to write this endometriosis jargon for men… “Endo-Tool” Endometriosis for Men … Read more