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Blogging blog:

Long before internet, blogs and other social media, psychologists noticed the benefits of writing about thoughts and emotions that arise from traumatic or stressful experiences.

Blogging is extremely helpful for maintaining mental wellness. Blogging adds a more public element to the writing process – you spread awareness. It is also one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom… Psychologists and psychiatrists around the world are using their blogs to help each other.

If you’re asking should you start a blog, chances are that you want to achieve financial freedom!

Take a look how you can buid your blog from scratch, advance it, bring traffic and monetize it. You will find here everything related to blogging!

Writing therapy…

Blogging is the best form of therapy. Writing relieves tension and any accumulated emotions.

Writing gives you time to express what you feel because you have time to think about what you are going to say.

Writing therapy (also known as journal therapy) is exactly what it sounds like. I personally don’t do diaries or journals, I blog [read more]

DIY blogging – part 1

One of the best decisions you can ever make in your life is right here!

Not only because it is the best way to escape your stress and anxiety, but also it can help you quit your job (therefore stress) and help your wallet greatly!

And let me tell you this – I am very honest and transparent as it gets so rest assured to receive only the best content!… [read more]

Blog about mental health.

Do I blog about mental health or does blogging help my mental health?

Blogging is good for your mental well being, because it offers you an opportunity to help people affected by mental health problems.

If you have experience and you want to help others in a similar situation, blogging allows to pass your knowledge... [read more]

Blog with WordPress.

There are many blogs out there. Well, there is 7.53 billion people in the world. To date, there are 1.6 billion websites and more than 500 million are recognized as blogs. Their authors write over 2 million blog posts daily.

The first reason is the most important because of its benefits to other people. Not only helpful to the blogger but also to the readers... [read more]

Learn from the best!

Blogging became my passion, my obsession, my way of life. I want to help people on their journey to combat mental health problems and find a happier path in life.

It is my first article in regard to being totally open with everyone and to begin with, I decided to write about my humble beginnings, so all the blogging beginners can see, how I have done it from scratch... [read more]

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Chronic Pain Bundle!

We give you 2 Awesome FREE Gifts in order to help you make your pain visible!

Chronic pain gives women a lot of problems – it’s invisible and no one can see it.

The very fact that you cannot explain how you feel, or you’re simply fed up with endless repeating, that makes you feel stressed.

This was always the case for my wife, and that is the case for many women.

As her husband, I wanted to break this pattern, and so I decided to create this small chronic pain self-help kit.

You don’t have to struggle with endless explanations of how terrible you feel!

Why should you?

All in the self-explanatory Chronic Pain Bundle is easy to fill in.

You can show it to your doctor, family, friends. All the people that never believed you, can be now proven wrong.

The Mini Chronic Pain Bundle includes:

  • • Endometriosis Pain & Symptoms Tracker.
  • • Body Pain and Sensitivity Map.

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