Learn how to help your partner cope better with her endometriosis today!

"Endo-Tool" is an amazing endometriosis book for men who support their female partners. Written by a loving husband and his wife who suffers from endometriosis..

The only book of its kind to date...

What's inside the e-Book?

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The first chapter of the “Endo-Tool” reveals more than the basics of endometriosis, including:

  • What is endometriosis?
  • What causes endometriosis?
  • How does endometriosis look like?
  • What are the stages?
  • What are the types?
  • What is “Frozen Pelvis”?
  • What is adenomyosis and how is it related to endometriosis?
  • Why do some women develop severe endo and others don’t?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Does endometriosis cause infertility?
  • How is endometriosis diagnosed?
  • Do types and stages affect the treatment?
  • Recurrence of endometriosis after excision surgery…

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This endometriosis book for men is one of the kind because it gives you tips nowhere to be found on the web. Ask yourself – how much information your partner finds?

And what about you? The voices of caring male partners need to be heard too!

So aside from the “Endo-Tool” you sign up for a lot of valuable information written by a man behind Worry Head. A man who understands your situation. My wife contributed A LOT to this endo book too, so you are up for a treat!

Endometriosis book for men is needed. Finally, it’s here!

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Your satisfaction drives me!

Review 2


Hi, Lovely to meet you, I'd be more than happy to have a look at it and give you my opinions.

I love that you've created something like this I know it can be so difficult for partners of people with endometrioisis so this is great!

Review 1

Tess Held

I just read the "Your partner has endometriosis, now what?" part and I am in tears! Wonderfully written!

With so much compassion & understanding for her and him. Also, there are also some hilarious parts in it!

Review 3


Amazing words about relationships. I very much admire what you are doing!

Overall, you’ve done an incredible job and it’s a pleasure to read your book! Thank you so much for asking for our help. Best of luck xx

"The best gift you can ever give to a chronically ill partner is your unconditional love and support"



1st Chapter of Endometriosis for Men