The fibromyalgia blog aims to provide information about this illness.
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Fibromyalgia blog

The Fibromyalgia blog aims to provide information about this illness. It is a chronic condition that causes widespread pain around the body.

Diagnosing can be difficult because there is no specific test to diagnose the condition.

The main symptoms of fibromyalgia are pain and tenderness in muscles & joints throughout your body. This pain shifts from place to place, but to meet the criteria for the diagnosis, you’ll need to experience pain for at least three months.

This pain must occur in a number of body parts and it has to be above a specific severity score. In addition, you mustn’t have another condition, such as arthritis, that could explain your pain. 

The Fibromyalgia blog explains how pain can be very intense and constant. This pain can be severe enough to keep you at home, away from work and other activities.

Fibromyalgia & endometriosis

First, my wife was diagnosed with endometriosis and fibromyalgia was just another illness that affected her afterward. 

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Checklist for fibromyalgia symptoms

Why checklist for fibromyalgia symptoms?

I provide you with the checklist because my wife suffers from this disease and as her husband, I always wanted to learn how to help her the best way I could... [read more]

Fibromyalgia diagnosis sheet

In order to diagnose fibromyalgia doctors give patients a fibromyalgia diagnosis sheet.

Not knowing what to do delays the diagnosis process. It takes long enough already. Precisely, 5 years on average

Wh have here FREE downloadable fibromyalgia diagnosis checklist... [read more]

Do you have fibromyalgia?

How do you know if you have fibromyalgia? Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, management.

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), or commonly called “fibro” for short, is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. The first main signs of fibromyalgia are... [read more]