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Endometriosis is an invisible and brutal illness. This chronic disease can affect women of any age, but is most common in their 30’s and 40’s. 

It is a long-term condition that has a significant impact on women’s mental health.

Endometriosis can be associated with severe pain and fertility problems. About 30% to 40% of women with endometriosis have some trouble conceiving… [read more]

Anxiety is simply focusing your thoughts on the worst possible scenario in the future, emotionally embracing it for long enough time, that you condition your mind to become anxious.

Doing it enough times leads to a panic attack.

So, being under stress for a prolonged period of time leads you to anxiety, chronic anxiety then leads you to panic attacks… [read more]

Depression works similarly as anxiety but in reverse order. 

You become depressed when you focus your thoughts on the past rather than the future.

Depression is simply reviewing your past events enough times, that you produce the same chemistry in your mind over and over, that your body doesn’t know the difference between the actual experience and the past… [read more]

Blogging is extremely helpful for maintaining mental wellness. 

Long before the internet, blogs, and other social media, psychologists noticed the benefits of writing about thoughts and emotions that arise from traumatic or stressful experiences.

Blogging adds a more public element to the writing process – you spread awareness. It is also one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom… [read more]

Articles of our readers:

You will find here varies articles written by members of Worry Head. 

All of their stories are important to us and every single story shapes the urgency of our work.

Chronic illness and mental health problems affect many people and no one should feel ashamed of it! 

By sharing your story and your experiences, together we can end the stigma surrounded invisible illness.

Write your story and get it published on our blog!

You have a great opportunity my friend! 

We offer you our space to for your story to be heard. We believe it is important, because not many people have a platform these days to openly say what is important to them.

Aside from helping us spread the awareness about invisible illness, your story will inspire others to write their own. We can all battle the stigma together! 

Regardless of chronic illness, physical or mental, people don’t believe you. But you can open their eyes and truly understand your day-to-day struggles. 

Show them by writing your heart out! It will help to open their eyes to what you are going through. Find out more here!

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Chronic pain gives women a lot of problems – it’s invisible and no one can see it.

The very fact that you cannot explain how you feel, or you’re simply fed up with endless repeating, that makes you feel stressed.

This was always the case for my wife, and that is the case for many women.

As her husband, I wanted to break this pattern, and so I decided to create this small chronic pain self-help kit.

You don’t have to struggle with endless explanations of how terrible you feel!

Why should you?

All in the self-explanatory Chronic Pain Bundle is easy to fill in.

You can show it to your doctor, family, friends. All the people that never believed you, can be now proven wrong.

The Mini Chronic Pain Bundle includes:

  • • Endometriosis Pain & Symptoms Tracker.
  • • Body Pain and Sensitivity Map.

You have an opportunity!

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